Leaders in bathtub reglazing, sink resurfacing, tub restoration, tile resurfacing, chip and crack repair, and bathroom restoration.
Beautify your home with Perma-Glaze resurfacing, restoration, and refinishing services.

PERMAGLAZE® is a worldwide leader in the reglazing and resurfacing of numerous surfaces and fixtures. Our state-of-the-art technologies can easily refinish bathtubs, sinks, cabinets, ceramic kitchen and wall tiles, countertops and more.

For just a fraction of replacement costs, your home will look like you spent thousands of dollars on remodeling, all without breaking your budget! Permaglaze’s results will astound you!

How Can I Use Perma-Glaze?

The PERMA-GLAZE® proprietary refinishing process can beautify even the most damaged surfaces, including:

arrowlink Bathtubs
arrowlink Sinks
arrowlink Countertops & Cabinets
arrowlink Kitchen & Bathroom Wall Tiles
arrowlink Porcelain

Many Colors & Textures
 Solid Colors
 Stone Finishes

Perma-Glaze® is available in a wide variety of designer colors, textures and finishes – gloss, matte, satin, speckle and stone finishes – sure to complement any decor. Custom colors are easily mixed to match existing surfaces.

Why Perma-Glaze?

Thanks to state-of-the-art restoration technology by PermaGlaze?, there is no need to tear out plumbing, rip up floors, or damage walls to replace kitchen and bath fixtures, appliances, kitchen cabinets or countertops that have become stained, scratched, cracked and ugly, or because you want to update the color scheme.

PermaGlaze's repairing and resurfacing experts offer a written guarantee for their service. Thousands of colors are available to complement your decor and you will find the rates to be very reasonable.

How Does It Work?

Perma-Glaze® finishes can be satin, matte or glossy and are available in any color. Perma-Glaze® restores worn or damaged fixtures and surfaces to their original luster in 4-5 hours without removal at a fraction of the replacement cost!  See how it works!

More Perma-Glaze Products

Traction Treatment:

Traction Treatment can help prevent slip/fall injuries by improving the Accepted Industry Standards for what is referred to as the Coefficient of Friction. When used on tile, porcelain, concrete, marble, brick or other hard mineral surfaces, Traction Treatment actually makes them safer wet, than when dry!  Read More...